PTXprint 2.1 has been released. Study Bible layouts now possible

The PTXprint developers are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1

The main new feature is support for Study Bible layout including extended footnotes and sidebars. Column-based cross-references which are also commonly used in such enhanced layouts have already been around in PTXprint for a while. We hope it is obvious how to get started to create such a layout, but if not, there is a page of instructions on How to create study Bible layouts.

Here is a spread of a sample study Bible layout produced using PTXprint (courtesy of BFBS and ABS):

Although it is easy to get started, if you need to customize the layout, you will probably need to follow the instructions here.

Documentation regarding markers used for Extended Study Content is available here.

Compatibility warning!
In order to make study Bibles possible, there have been several foundational changes to the code which will definitely affect layout to existing configurations. If you are part way through a typesetting project, it is recommended that you complete that project before trying version 2.1 Alternatively, create a backup of your settings and be prepared to revert to an earlier version if you need to.