PTXprint Documentation

Is there any documentation for how to use PTXprint? In particular, what can be put in the advanced option text processing and stylesheet files?

There is very sparse documentation about these features. They are included in PTXprint to enable advanced/legacy users to continue using their own .tex code and custom stylesheets. They can also be used to setup tracing information in the log files to assist with troubleshooting. Given that there is now a full-blown Style editor interface in PTXprint, it is rare that anyone would need to use the .sty file options.

My personal favourite is to use the “Apply Changes Specified” to make global changes. The rules in these files are essentially “Fiind something” > “Replace with something else”, but there are some powerful extensions too:

Turn Glossary book entries into indented list of items rather than normal paragraphs
at GLO "\\p \\k " > "\ili \k "

Just for the gospel of Mark, insert a page break BEFORE the title of the Introductory Outline
at MRK "(\\iot बगा बतल मंता)" > "\pb\r\n\1"

Note that you can use regular expressions too.

Hide the unwanted numbers with (10,000) markup:
'\([\d–,-]+\) ' > ''

There is also this possibility:
in “within a specific environment”: “find-this” > “replace-with-that”
in "(?sm)\\qt-s\\*.+?\\qt-e\\*": "(?sm)(\\s .+?\r?\n(\\r .+?\r?\n\\p)?)" > "\\qt-e\\*\r\n\1\r\n\\qt-s\\*"