PTXprint version 2.2 was just released. What's new?

What’s new in version 2.2?

Thanks to feedback from users around the world, we’re pleased to announce the release of PTXprint version 2.2 with some great new features.

Finishing tab:

A new tab related to finalizing a trial publication was added with some powerful features:

  • Improved PDF Output options (including ‘Screen’ for fastest PDF creation)
  • Added feature to include Config settings within PDF (to help recreate a config later)
  • Added option to select a spot color for 2-color printing
  • Added feature to retain N previous versions (*_1, *_2, *_3 etc.) of PDFs
  • Added booklet pagination (with ability to create 4, 8, 16 page signatures)
  • Added feature to Compare PDFs to show any differences

Navigation and Passage Selection:

  • Added Search for settings (to find settings based on keywords)

    Selecting a topic will take you directly to the setting and highlight it for you:
  • Added various keyboard shortcuts visible in tooltips
  • Allow reference chapter ranges like PSA 23 or JHN 2-4
  • Enhanced book list can contain a list of references (like: PSA 23 LUK 15:11-32 GLO)

and a bunch of other minor improvements which are listed on the What’s new? page.

PS. With 2 of the 3 developers away for the summer, we are not anticipating any major enhancements for the next few months. There could also be a delay in responding to posts and issues.