Publishing on Apple Store

Good afternoon children of God. I’m grateful for your assistance while I was building my two apps. The apps are live on play store now and they’re making impacts.

Please I need your advise, can I publish the app (the. Apk file) on Apple store? Is there anything else I need to do before I could publish them on Apple store? I want people using iphones to be able to access the app. Please your advice is really needed. Thanks and God bless you


Do you know of users in the community that are using iPhones? There is a lot of work to publish to Apple Store.

  • You will eventually need to have an Apple Developer account to publish the app ($99/yr)
  • You will need a Mac to build and upload to App Store
  • If you app does not have sufficent features (e.g. multiple book collections, synchronized text and audio, verse on image), then Apple might reject the app saying it is just a book and request that you publish it on iBooks store

You may consider publishing a Progressive Web App (PWA) which is an alternative to having a full app. If you are building a language site with Kalaam Media, they can help you with hosting a PWA (and keeping your Android app up-to-date).


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You’re the best Sir. Thanks so much