PWA and HTML - still the question what is the difference?

I have been able to figure out how to make a PWA from SAB (very easy) and after I generated it with the html pages it shows in the browser, but …

  1. what is now actually the difference with the ‘normal’ html ?

  2. how can I distribute this PWA … Should I make a ZIP of it and put it on our website and let people download it? But I can also ZIP the ‘normal’ (non-PWA) HTML. So again what is the difference?

  3. in the past Aaron made a nice PWA for us, but it was somehow compiled with a startup icon like the APP and all html files were hidden in the PWA bundle I got. That has the advantage that it looks like an APP and people can install it fairly easily … actually I had something expected like this to come out of SAB …

You need to do some more reading on what a PWA is.

  1. The HTML file can be used on a web site or just locally. The PWA files are almost the same as the HTML export. There are some extra files that add the PWA features when served from a web server.

  2. A PWA is a set of files that are served from a web server. It has the ability to install a shortcut on your phone so it appears as an app on your phone. (You can distribute the files and view them as files but then it is not a PWA)

  3. SAB produces the files needed to be put on a web server. SAB does not provide the web server you have to organize that. If you need a server contact @Aaronsedna. But there are many web services that can host your PWA.

@joop it seems like your PWA files are on http website. Contents hosted on a http server is generally considered not secure these days. You will need an SSL encryption enabled (https) website for PWA to work correctly.

Kalaam offers free PWA hosting. Please e-mail me with the files and we will be happy to host the app for you.

hello Aaron, thank you for your reply!
The site is https (SSL) so that should not be problem, although I made a mistake in the link.
Try it with https!
Then it is still the same I would say!

Please, it is not about hosting it at yours, but about Ian’s remark that it can be hosted at a webserver … and we have a webserver and put it there (https) but it simply does not work as expected on the basis of Ian’s explanation and he refers to you.