PWA build copyright page

We in Kalaam/IPS build all our apps as both Android and PWA’s. The PWA versions are also used on our websites as what we call OSA’s for Online Scripture App so they can be included on a Kalaam website.

One of the downfalls of a OSA/PWA is the lack of including/displaying the “About” page with all of the copyright information. Would it be possible for the EXPORT TO HTML to include the About page as a standard html file that would automatically be included at the end of the Book list with the Book title of “Copyrights” so that the entirety of the copyright information can be included instead or in addition to the option of a shortened version at the bottom of every page.

As it is now, we’re having to create this by hand for every app. And it is complicated by the fact that this page is only needed for the OSA/PWA. So I also need to communicate with Chris about how to include this for the PWA option but exclude it for the Android build within Scriptoria.

Thanks for giving this some thought and doing whatever can be done.