PWA export option from SAB would be most welcome and is strongly recommended

I was told that there was already a request for a PWA export option from SAB, but I cannot find it in all the topics and posts in the community. Therefore I bring forward this request as a new Feature Request. It is very important to have an other option beside HTML export or Epub export that comes even closer to an APP but without the necessity of bringing the Bible in a store. I say this especially because of the increasing security issues that are connected with publishing in some stores . Many teams are maybe still working in fairly unhindered circumstances, but there are teams that have to cope with unprecedented degrees of control of personal lives. Having this additional option in SAB would give more flexibility to teams to choose the appropriate option for their situation. I trust that PWA which is already a good option in its current status of development, could even gain more ‘momentum’ when it would be developed only a little further.

Yes it seems like it would be good. Gets around the difficulties of iOS publishing too.

The was implemented in SAB 7.0. The initial implementation includes view and listening to 1 book collection.

Congratulations, but where do I need to click to get PWA output?
I tried ‘everywhere’?

Right-click on the collection. Go first to Export to HTML Settings, get it set up and then Export to HTML

Yep this needs a documentation update.

If you right click on the collection and choose the Export to HTML Settings…

There is a second tab. However you need to install something else before this will show up. ON that tab it has this information.

Progressive Web Apps use the workbox library to enable offline content. You will 
need to install the workbox—cli using npm. For Linux, see node to check which 
version is the current Long Term Stable (LTS).
  • Go to and download the version for your system and install it.
  • Then open a command prompt in Windows. Bash Shell in other Mac or Linux.
  • Type in npm install workbox-cli -g
  • Start or restart SAB. The tab should now be visible.


I was blocked on Mac Catalina because I do not have the rights to execute the command:
npm install workbox-cli -g

I think I can change this somehow using the command:
chmod 777

But I do not know which directory I should write after the chmod 777 command. Can you help?

Joop, is your user set up as Admin? Go to System Preferences, and look at Users & Groups and you will see Admin under your username if so.


If your account is showing up as Admin, open a terminal, paste that npm install workbox-cli -g
command again and send me the error. Did npm seem to install ok?

Hi, I’ve been able to follow through with installing these required programs as you’ve stated above. So in the Documents>App Builder>Scripture Apps>HTML Output folder I have about 800 files. Now how do I get them from the laptop folder into an actual PWA format so that I can send them to a smartphone to install them onto the home-screen? Do I need another piece of software? I’m guessing I do So do you have any recommendations?

Also,within the wonderful pdf SAB manual, specifically the prerequisite programs for producing the PWA HTML files, shouldn’t you include whether PWA’s can be produced within the iOS SAB program or not? Windows and Linux are mentioned but not iOS. (Just thought I’d mention it since it wasn’t mentioned. I didn’t attempt to do it but used my Windows 10 machine for producing the PWA files.)

Thanks so much!

PWA files need to be hosted on a web site as web pages. The user gets them from there.