PWA Problem on Android

On the Android (v12) using Chrome, I select “Install App”. But the first time I do this for a given App, the Icon says Book Name and Chapter 1. It never shows Bible name, and it does not contain the entire bible as expected.

But the second time I try to save the PWA, it shows the Bible name as expected, and works as expected.

It works well on Windows with Chrome.


Are we doing something wrong?

With the current PWA, the device has to downloads all the chapters before it is really a PWA. This can take some time even on a good internet connection. Unfortunately, there is no visual indication that it is ready. This is one of the reasons that we are re-writing the PWA.


After “installing” the PWA, I opened the “installed” PWA, and left it open for 30 min, then it worked ok.
But it didn’t help, if I waited without having the PWA open.