Python-aeneas installation issues

I upgraded my SAB to version 9.0.1. We had some more audio files to incorporate, so I was looking to use aeneas to sync these files. However, I kept getting a python.exe has stopped working error. After several attempts to uninstall and reinstall aeneas, I still get the same error with no success of creating timing files. So, I uninstalled SAB as well as aeneas, rebooted, reinstalled and was able to get the screenshot below as it flashed by during the installation of aeneas. Not sure if that helps diagnose the issue, but I’m still getting the python error.

If you run the Tools > check aeneas installation menu option, what does it report?

There was an issue that was fixed in SAB 9.1. If you had SAB open while installing Aeneas, then SAB couldn’t find Aeneas after it was installed. Looking at the output from the check-aeneas process, it look like everything is there.

Could you try installing SAB 9.1 and see if you problem still persists?

Thanks. That did help a lot! I did get the python error again, but after clicking ok, python did finish. I did get some timing files.

I’m running into a couple other problems now.
First, we have put a couple remarks in the source text using \rem . These don’t get transferred into SAB. Is there a way to include them? Also, if so, could there be an option to use a different font color/style for them?
Second problem is that when I use the fine tune timing feature in SAB, I can get the timings much closer. However, after the build, the timings on my phone (and using the nox player emulator) are sometimes quite off. Any thought on what to try?

Here’s a screenshot that might help explain what I’m finding in regards to the second problem I mentioned.

The audio file was paused at the same place in both SAB and the NoxPlayer. In SAB, the timings are fine. The audio is in line with the highlighted phrases. After the build, the timing seems to all be shifted. (This isn’t limited to NoxPlayer. I see the same issue on two different mobile phones as well.)

So, I’m wondering what I need to do to fix this issue.