Question about images

Hello! Is there a way to make an image at the top of a story or section of Scripture “scroll” with the text so that it doesn’t remain at the top of the screen the whole time?

A follow up question: Can I include pictures in the body of the text (rather than only at the top)? I tried to insert the \img code into the .sfm file but it didn’t render in the body of the text.

Thank you!

I think images only stay at the top if you select “Picture Story Book” as the type of your book. Try changing the book type to Default and use \fig…\fig* marker to include pictures in the body of the text. Detailed explanation about the syntax can be found here:

Picture books use the \img SFM. If you are converting from Word all images will be converted to \img type. Only one picture is shown per page.

If you want to have a image that moves with the text as @odysiusbt says just use the
\fig mypic.jpg\fig* in your SFM or your Word document instead of the picture.

Thank you, just what I was looking for!

Thank you, that did the trick!

This may be asking too much, but are there any “text wrapping” options available to have a figure or diagram embedded in the text but have the text wrap around it?

Not entirely sure what you mean.

\p This is the start of the paragraph. \fig picture.png\fig* And this is the end of the paragraph.

\fig markup is a character level markup though in SAB images normally take up the full column width of the page or if they are smaller than the width then they display as big as they are and either side is blank.

But look at the Styles section (on the left) and go down to the Illustration & Video. So the \fig is the span.image but it is put inside a block element called div.image-block. This block level element takes up the full width of the column by default. Also within that block is the caption if defined in the \fig element. The problem is changing the div.image-block affects all images.

I tried changing various of these settings but the percentage with of \fig did not work nor did the fixed size. I don’t see changes affecting these, so they may be fixed.