QUESTION: Can't choose iOS signing identity

I can’t choose the signing identity for iOS. The dropdown box is blank. I’ve removed an old certificate, created and downloaded a new one and added it to my login keychain, but can’t access it using SAB. Any help much appreciated!

Hi Andy, sorry about that, not fun. I’m not sure what’s happening – in other words this is not the solution below but just trying to poke around a bit:

Refresh next to the Signing Identity box in SAB does nothing, and after rebooting same behavior?

When you look at your Keychain Access in login keychain and then in Category “My Certificates” do you see an iPhone Distribution certificate?

One other thought - try opening Xcode and then trying it again as well.

Thank you @Corey_Garrett.
That was really helpful to give me the infomation to fix the issue.

For anyone else who has this issue: The certificate wasn’t in My Certificates but only in Certificates. I had to reset the keychain which meant I lost the private key - unbeknown to me! When I came to regenerate the new certificate I used the old certificate signing request that I had stored (which referenced the outdated keychain / private key). So when I came to generate the cert, identity etc, it didn’t show up. So I started again from scratch with new keychain, new CSR, new cert, new profile and it works.

Awesome good to hear & thanks for posting the solution!

Hi Andy,

I’m having a similar problem. Is there a clear process, procedure for this written down somewhere? Step 1, 2, 3, etc.


CSR = certificate signing request

steps for creating a new keychain on mac (google: mac key create new keychain, there are a few guides, but basically this was because I forgot my login password and had to reset it, since default keychain is linked to your user login, it reset that as well)

steps for new CSR, new cert, new profile are all in the SAB docs

hope that hepls