Question: Web app or putting the Bible on the web

How can I find information about the “Web App” for SAB? I am looking for a way to take a (minority language) Scripture project from ParaText and put it on a website for viewing on a computer. Any ideas or options?

If you import your Paratext into SAB then Right click on the Main Collection or what ever name it has if you changed it and choose Export to HTML. Lots of people have Scripture displayed that way.

There is also the Progressive Web App option for that export, so that it can be installed like an app on any phone.

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The SAB does a great job of building the app. In our local language community, I was able to host the SAB-produced HTML files on a self-contained unit called BibleBox. Public hosting on the web is a little trickier, and at least in my experience, requires a little outside help.
A great option to publish for the general public is to contact the people at Kalaam Media. They are very helpful and motivated to get vernacular Scripture publicized on-line. They hold workshops for local language communities to get minority languages documented and available to the public. Kalaam Media allows you to build an entire site for your language and culture documentation, with an eye toward sharing Scripture. One sample of a site hosted by Kalaam Media at no charge was built by some of our Kosarek men at one of their workshops a few years ago. It has not been updated very frequently, but I was able to contact them recently to update our newly translated Scripture. Links are being blocked by the forum, but it is available at mekyubu with the “.net” extension. It uses an embedded web app that directs the user to a hosting site. Kalaam provides some great tutorials at a site called “wildfirehelp” with the “.net” extension.
I hope that helps give you some options for “getting the Word out”!
***I attempted to put links in the post for you, but they were blocked by the forum. The main contact would be for the BibleBox and Kalaam, both of which use the “.org” extension. For Kalaam, just click the “contact” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page to start a dialogue with them.

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Thanks to you both for the helpful information!