Quizzes: How to I begin?

In the release notes for Scripture App Builder 9.1 (26 October 2021), it mentions creating multiple choice quizzes with text, images, and audio. It said that documentation would come soon, but can anyone give just a little more information about this feature before the documentation comes out? Is this a feature in Scripture App Builder itself, or is it mostly a way of formatting .sfm files with the multiple choice quizzes that Scripture App Builder interprets a certain way. Is the syntax for how to make such quizzes available somewhere else (like for Bloom or Reading App Builder)? Or should I just sit tight and wait for the documentation to arrive?

Yes, more information about creating quizzes will be coming soon. We are running a training course for colleagues here in the next couple of weeks to test the process. If all goes well, we will make the details available more widely.

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With Scripture App Builder 9.2, you can find instructions and examples in the new Creating Apps with Quizzes manual (#11).

Download it here: Resources - Scripture App Builder