Read along highlighting breaks on \ character

I am having trouble with the read along highlighting in Scripture App Builder. I have the timings broken down to a phrase level with quotation marks as phrase ending characters, but the highlighting stops whenever it hits a \ symbol in the source file. For example below on the right I have my timing file

As you can see when it gets to verse 6 it should be completely highlighted. But on the left you can see the result when it hits the \q tag.

It also breaks when it hits a \fig tag and I imagine anything beginning with . Is there a setting I can change to stop this? Or a simple way of converting \ characters to something else?

You have chosen the Phrase level highlighting, that is phrases within paragraphs. The \q is a paragraph level marker. So it will break there. This is a feature.

The markup says that that is a phrase level and paragraph level segment.

You could try verse level highlighting. I have not used that type so am unsure if it ignores the paragraph level markup.

To change the \ marker to another character you will break the USFM markup. Don’t do that.

The \fig stopping the audio sync should be fixed in version 4.7.