Rebuild of SAB 7.1 for Mac: Fix crash on 32-bit devices


We recently released SAB 7.1. The iOS Template App included was built with a version of the Apple provided development tools that causes an iOS app to crash on startup on 32-bit devices (e.g. iPhone 5). Apple released a new version of the development tools with a fix to this issue.

We rebuilt SAB 7.1 for Mac with an updated version of the iOS Template App built with the fix included. The rest of the SAB is exactly the same as the 7.1 release.

If you have experienced crashes on iPhone 5 or your app was rejected due to crashes during review, please download the May 27 2020 build of SAB.

For His Great Name,
Chris Hubbard

Hi Chris,
Do I understand correctly that an app built with SAB 7.0.3 is not affected by the crashes, just those created with the earlier version of 7.1?


That is correct. SAB 7.0.3 was built with Xcode 11.3. SAB 7.1 was updated to Xcode 11.4. Then the re-release of SAB 7.1 was build with Xcode 11.5.

I will update the release notes from now on (and will go back and make this update) so that we know.