Reference range in header sometimes inserts unwanted hyphens

Hi all!
I am printing Scripture portions with a Reference Range in the header. On some pages an unwanted hyphen is inserted after the chapter number, as displayed below:

It does not occur often, for instance in that 50 pages book it occurs only once.
Here’s my header configuration:
Left: empty
Center: page number
Right: Reference Range
Omit chapters numbers: not checked
Verse numbers: not checked

[Edit] It seems that each time the problem occurs, the page ends inside a combined verse, for instance in the example above the page ends in the middle of verses 12-15.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks @Andre_Tousch for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look into it and hopefully have it fixed within a week. What would be really helpful is if you could send us an archive of 1 book where this happens consistently. See the instructions on the Help tab of PTXprint. “Create Archive…” and then send it to the support address.