Remove +0 functionality

Would it be feasible to make the Remove +0 option remove all lines that only have the +0 option on them, but leave the lines with a - option on them? Pretty much every paragraph has the +0, so it doesn’t provide helpful information, other than how to reference that spot. The minus option only is there for some paragraphs. It isn’t bad by default to show all, but currently hitting Remove +0s takes every line in the adjust list that has not had a 1 added into it. I am currently working on Psalms, and it appears that there are so many lines in the adjust list that PTXprint won’t run a PDF unless I chop out a bunch of unneeded lines. I am on 2.2.40.

Nice suggestion, @LorenHawthorne - and I think we could do that relatively easily. If I understand you correctly, you want it to leave anything that has a +1 or -1 (as it does now), but also leave in the +-0 so that they are easier to find.

Having used AdjLists quite a bit recently, I wondered whether it would also be helpful to generate the “potential shrink points” like this (where instead of being +-0 they are already -1 and just waiting for the % to be removed from the start of the line to activate the shrink:

PSA 2.4 +0% +[2]
PSA 2.5 +0% +[2]
% PSA 2.6 -1
PSA 2.7 +0% +[2] +[3]
PSA 2.8 +0%
% PSA 2.8 -1[2]
PSA 2.9 +0% +[2]
PSA 2.10 +0% +[2]

I don’t know how feasible it would be to create the list like that, but it would certainly save a lot of hard eye work looking for the elusive +-0 hidden amongst the other points.