Remove Audio files from SAB 6.0 and ".deleted" appended

Every time I remove audio files from a SAB 6.0 project (with respective timing files) the SAB program appends ALL the timing files with".deleted". What a pain!

What can I do to avoid this.

I assume this is the timing file in the project folder?

What is the pain point? Are you reusing them? Is this on Mac?

The pain is when I add them back, I have to rename them one by one. There are a lot of them. Yes, the timing files. Windows.

I looked at the code. When a file is deleted in the interface, it isn’t really deleted in case the user doesn’t save changes. It looks like the code that manages the final delete (or undelete) looks at the following folders: books, lexicon, audio, firebase, fonts, images, analytics, and video. For some reason (bug?), it doesn’t look at timings.

I have put in a pull request for @richard to review for the next release when he is available.

My desire is not for it to be deleted. I hope it wouldn’t be deleted, they might contain fine tuning data which can take days to recreate. No more than I would expect MP3 files to be deleted if I remove them from the project. I would expect everything to be left alone (including the name) in the project folder.

Why are you removing the audio files from the project? You can re-add files (if you are updating the files) and it will replace the current ones without removing the timing files. Can you try that with one file?


In this scenario, the files needed to be renamed.

I have removed files multiple times before without having this renaming problem, when using version 4.5 and older.

Another windows laptop did not have the renaming problem when using the same version (6.0).

@MikeB, I talked with Richard about this and he found the case where the timing file is attempted to be deleted (by renaming to .deleted). This is fixed in the next release (it won’t be renamed and attempted to be deleted).

Here is a work-around.

In the preferences, there is a tab name Files with a setting for Audio Files (How should App Builder handle audio files you associate with an app?). The options are:

  • Link to files in their current location
  • Copy files to app projects data folder

If this setting is currently set to copy, then when an audio file is deleted (whether it was copied or linked), then the timing file is “deleted”.

To work around the issue, change the setting to Link to files while files are being deleted.


Thank you for the follow up and resolution.