Removing book collection button

We are working on an app with a variety of resources.
We have added some books, articles and songs and put them in different Book Collections.
In the app the button to choose a book collection is always there. We have removed the ability to read 2 or 3 side-by-side as no one would want to read a book and a song at the same time in split-screen. If they want to move to a different book collection they can go back to the menu or click on the book icon directly above it.
Is there a way to remove this box?

I believe that another user changed the style of the button so that it matched the background (and you couldn’t see it). It was still there, but not likely to be hit.

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Any idea which one it is?

Hi @CraigN, in the Color → Main Colors section of an app project you can make the button transparent by adding a couple of zeros to the front of the HEX color # for Pane1BackgroundColor, Pane1NameTextColor & PaneNameBorderColor

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for that.
It worked when I did it for only Pane1NameTextColor & PaneNameBorderColor.
Doing the same for Pane1BackgroundColor gave me different results! :astonished:

I think Pane1BackgroundColor is for the whole background of Pane1 (which is the entire section with text as I only have 1 pane) and not the background for the button. It seems that there is no background for the button, it is already transparent so there is only a border and text. I don’t know why it worked for you.
I don’t know what the bright blue is about, but i noticed it looks like the CustomColor4 further down the list which is #00FFFF.

To avoid the complications with styles, we will provide an easier way to remove these buttons in a future version of Scripture App Builder.

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I think a search function in Styles and Colors would be useful as well. Not sure how hard that would be to implement.

YES! I’ve been meaning to submit this request for a long time. I just keep forgetting to do it. A search function in the Styles would be very useful.

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Oh, that’s interesting. I can’t remember now why I had Pane1BackgroundColor set to transparent. Maybe I didn’t need it after all… but weird that it worked perfect for me this way in two different apps.

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@CraigN, @Dan_Neville Thank you for your suggestion. In SAB 9.2, there will be a search bar for the Styles, Colors and Interface translation tables.

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That’s great! In some apps I would rather not have a button displayed anywhere except in the Navigation drawer.

So, for one type of app, the user selects the book they want upon initial opening of the app, and after that he/she would never change to a different book again… that is because the book corresponds to a language of text content (translation of the text content).

For another type of app, the books are accessible through the contents menu and this way of selecting the book makes the most sense in terms of the app layout.

This is how the Layout Configuration page will look in SAB 9.2:


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Wow, that’s perfect!

BTW… is there a style setting for the Language and Layout box? I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find it. I need to change the font and font size for the listed book collections.

UPDATE: I found it now in SAB 9.2