Removing book introductions causes problems with chapter numbers and labels

I am running PTXprint 1.9. The USFM file I am working with has \c following by \cl for each chapter. With a default configuration (other than a font change) and the Book Introductions NOT included, I have the following problems in the PDF output:

  • The first chapter has no chapter label or chapter number. (I checked and the chapter numbers are included as per the settings on the Body tab.)
  • The rest of the chapters have the chapter label followed immediately by the chapter number.

When I include the Book Introductions and print again, these two issues are solved.

Any idea of what is going on here? Many thanks for the help.

Hi @da4396 - thanks for alerting us to a possible problem with the behaviour of \cl

I have tried to replicate the issue but am unable to get the same results. Could you clarify whether you have something following the \cl marker in the text.

Also, it is worth noting that you need to either use the settings at the end of the Body tab:

or direct markup in the text:

\c 1
\cl James Chapter 1
\p \v 1 baga....

but not both at the same time.

If you are still stuck, then please use the Create Archive… button on the Help tab and then send us the .zip archive file (to ptxprint_support @ which will help us replicate and hopefully resolve the issue you’re facing. Preferably do this when just 1 (small) book is included - as we don’t need to see multiple books. [There could be something specific in the book introduction that is tripping it up - but that’s hard to guess without seeing the USFM data (which will get included in the archive)].

Yes, we have text following the \cl marker and it looks like \cl Chapter One.

The option Use Special Features for These Books is not enabled. We use direct USFM markup as you mentioned.

I have created an archive for you with the first five chapters of the Gospel of Mark and will send it to you.

Thanks for raising the issue. The problem has been found and rectified. It will be working right in 1.9.1 (due out within a day or two).

Thanks. Looking forward to the updated version.