Reorder play/record/next buttons


I am using HearThis 2.0 and had the chance to introduce it to some national friends at a workshop in November. For people who don’t have great computer skills, it can be a little bit scary to watch them move the mouse from the play/triangle button over the record/circle button to get to the next verse/arrow button. There were several times when people came close to accidentally clicking on the record button (thereby deleting the recording they had just listened to and approved). I think if you reordered the first two buttons (i.e. made the order: record/circle, play/triangle, next/arrow), it might help eliminate this problem.


IMHO, it is worth teaching users how to use the HearThis keyboard shortcuts for these repetitive actions so that they don’t have to use the mouse at all.

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That’s for sure - recording a NT or even a book will be a pain I’m the wrist at least using the mouse.

How about an option to hide the icons or at least make them inert.

I agree that using the keyboard can be helpful, and it is something I would like to give my team training in. Ross’ suggestions about having the option to hide the icons or make them inert are also good ideas. Long term, though, I would still like to see the buttons rearranged. I feel like this will make the program more accessible to people who prefer to use the mouse or who, for whatever reason, cannot use the keyboard.

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I agree that the proposed reordering would make sense. For what it’s worth, if the user accidentally clicks the record button but doesn’t hold it down, HearThis will just display a message and won’t actually delete the existing recording. Another possibility would be to put the record button on a short delay so that it would not become enabled until the mouse was over it for a quarter of a second or something like that. (That would still have to be an option, I think, because for people who are using the mouse as their normal mode of recording, even a brief a delay like that could be annoying.