Repeating book title

Other people, who are smarter than I am, probably figured this out quite quickly. But it took me a while, so in case it saves someone some headscratching, I’ll state it here:

If you have an introduction at the start of each biblical book (with
\mt Book Title
above it), and you want to repeat the book title at the start of chapter 1, the USFM manual says to use \mte for the title at \c 1. This is what we’ve always done, and it works fine when typesetting using PubAssist/InDesign. However, it seems that SAB 4.7 automatically repeats the book title when it hits \c 1, without it being present in the SFM file. Therefore, if you have \mte Book Title before \c 1 you will get the Book Title TWICE at chapter 1. It has to be there for typesetting, but you have to delete it for building with SAB.

I guess this means there’s no way to NOT repeat the title at chapter 1?

I would recommend just adding a regular expression in the Changes tab which removes the \mte SFM, with a find field something like this (untested):

\\mte .*\r?\n

and changing it to nothing.

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