Replying to messages in Outlook

I used “Reply” in Outlook to reply to a message in this community; however, I received an error message: "We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled XXXXX) didn’t work.
I donꞌt know what the problem is; should I reply to a different address? And how?
I removed "Re: " from the subject line and resent the message; I did not get another error message, but neither does my reply show up in the discussion thread on the Scripture Software community site.
Is there a correct way to reply to messages within Outlook?


(PS The message category cannot be blank, but I couldn’t find any category other than the individual software packages, so had to choose one at random.)

I tried replying from gmail and I haven’t seen the message show up here yet. I have filed a ticket about this problem.


I have heard back. There seems to have been some environmental change that is causing problems. They hope to be able to fix it next week.


I heard back from IT. There was several issues and one was a configuration error. So it should work with message sent from 6/22/23 and onward. Sorry about this issue.