Return to Previously Viewed Book Location When Clicking on Contents Items

I have a couple of apps that have a contents menu item linked to a Bible. It’s great that I am able to direct first time users to a particular book, chapter and verse of the Bible when they click on that contents menu item, but I would LOVE if when the user clicks that Bible contents menu the next time they are in the app, it would take them to where they left off reading.

Yes I realise that if the setting “Go to the book the user was viewing previously” (in Contents Menu/Contents Settings) has been built into the app and the user simple closes the app, when reopening it will open to the Bible book and chapter where the user left off. But if the user goes out of the Bible they are reading into the contents menu and then clicks on the Bible contents menu item to take them back in, it unfortunately sends them to the target book, chapter and verse.

It would of course also be great to see this feature implemented for Picture Story Books as well, taking users back to the page they left off on. I have at least a couple Picture Story Book apps that I would love to use this feature in.

Thanks so much for considering this :blush: