Right Margin Setting in PTX Print

How do I set the right margin? The text appears to not be wrapping.

It is Japanese and is using the Ruby text feature.

I’m working in PTX 9.1.

Thank you.

I hope this will help (and if it does, please share a brief screenshot of what the ruby text looks like in the output - for the benefit of others who follow).


Thank you, Mark, for your help. It fixed the right margin problem in a one column layout.

I’m still adjusting the styles for the ruby text, but when I get it to a good point, I will be glad to share a screenshot for other users.

I’m sorry to be so needy with this tool, but now I’m getting a message that a special symbol is not supported in the Basic font. I noticed that the “Font Which Can Display the Missing Characters” is grayed out. I got a quick message once that it is temporarily disabled for version 1.5. Any plans to add this back soon?

I’m very grateful to have this tool as an option. My thanks to the entire team.

Happy New Year!
Yes, we should have the “Fallback font” feature working again by next week. In the meantime, do you have a font that does cover all the characters?

@Linda - please try out 1.5.1 and let me know if it solves the issue of the fallback font being unselectable.

The fallback font feature seems to be working on a limited test of GEN.

However, I am getting the following error message. I isolated it to chapter 13, but all my efforts to find out what is causing it have failed. I appreciate your help.

(no adjustment list “…/shared/ptxprint/JPN/AdjLists/01GEN_JPN-JPN.SFM.adj” fou
(no picture list “01GEN_JPN-JPN.SFM.piclist” found)
(c:/My Paratext 8 Projects/_JPN/PrintDraft/ptxprint-JPN-GEN_JPN.picpages)
\openout2 = `ptxprint-JPN-GEN_JPN.notepages’.

\openout3 = `ptxprint-JPN-GEN_JPN.picpages’.

! Missing } inserted.


\b ->\the \p@rstylehooks \par \vskip
l.47 \b