RTL Audio Player

In an RTL language based app, is there an easy way to tell the progress bar of the audio player to act in a normal LTR way? We expect the play icon to point right, and it does, but we also expect the bar to run from left to right, which it does not.
(not using the English numbers in the bar would also be a bonus)
Example of how we like these things to work: https://h4a.tv/7
Thanks for any help

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This is just an idea of something to try (from one beggar to another…): Under Styles, User Interface Styles, add “direction: ltr;” into the CSS for this style:

ui.bar.audio {
background-color: AudioBarColor;
direction: ltr;

I have no idea if that would work, but it seems like it has a shot at working, by overriding the direction in the audio bar. Might be worth a try…

Thanks Jeff - good theory that, but sadly the direction CSS property doesn’t seem to effect the audio control (at least not there anyway).