RTL Parallel passage reference links not working properly

I’m building an app that is using Arabic script and I cannot get the parallel passage reference links to work properly. Attached is a screenshot which shows a parallel passage reference link which is clicked on and the popup appearing below. The problem is that only the first verse (vs. 23) appears in that popup, whereas it should continue to verse 38. It seems to me that SAB is not recognizing the RTL convention of verse references which use a hyphen, since the verse number (38) after the hyphen is not underlined. Other parallel passage reference links with only the chapter and a single verse (no hyphen) work fine.

I been trying to find a way to resolve this myself, but maybe it needs a fix from the developers??

If anyone has any good ideas, I’m all ears.

@NeilZubot, could you:

  1. zip up your SAB project
  2. upload to Google Drive (or your favorite file sharing service)
  3. give me permission to access it
  4. send me a link (you have my email address).

I will take a look at it.


I just ran a brief Arabic script test of a multi-verse reference and it worked fine. Can you verify all of the characters that are used in your reference line?

E.g. here’s the line I used (just made up, not a real reference):
\r 1 يوح 1:2-3

It is for 1st John 1:2-3. But you can see that the order doesn’t look right in the (LTR) source line. And depending on how the text is typeset, it may not appear properly in that output. Because of this, when translators enter references, often times they will do “extra” things to try to get them to work. This may include inserting RTL or LTR markers, putting the verse numbers before the chapter numbers, inserting spaces… (I’ve seen lots of “creative” solutions!) Or it may be as simple as using an n-dash instead of a hyphen (U+002D) between the verse numbers. (Your hyphen in the screen shot looks kind of large…)

So can you copy your source line that produced the results above and paste it into a reply here, or better yet, find a way to analyze the code points of the individual characters in that line and include that in a reply?


I worked with @NeilZubot through email and found the issue and fixed it in SAB. It will be in the next release. The issue was in matching the RTL character after the hyphen in a verse range.

@jeff_heath, the reference you state is between chapters and (I believe) it is already being handled correctly.