RTL text aligning left

With the latest SAB, when I create an app the text, which is RTL, is aligned on the left. The chapter and verse numbers are also displayed LTR. I don’t believe I have made any changes (it was working fine before the update).
I have double checked in Interface>Layout Direction and in Books>Styles and they are both RTL.
Has anyone else come across this problem?
Many thanks,


What version are you using?

Comment: in the past I have found that sometimes the settings change back after importing new books.

We use SAB 6.2.2. for RTL but do use GRID instead of the LIST. We use only one language and not 2 like you do, so it is hard to compare exactly. Our text aligns correctly in RTL. We have only problems with cross-references in RTL.

It is 6.2, I wasn’t aware of a 6.2.2 so I will try that and see what happens.

It seems to be working now. Again I didn’t change anything apart from the update. I suppose it doesn’t really matter why as long as it works. Cheers, Craig

@CraigN Good news. Thanks