SAB 10.0: loss of download permission using FCBH Bible Brain

Hello, users who upgrade to SAB 10 and use FCBH data sources may encounter permissions issues when downloading content. The issue is with the Bible Brain permission system, and not SAB.

We expect to have a solution in place by Thursday July 14. I will post an update then. If you are encountering issues and haven’t done so already, please email with details, including your API key and the Fileset Identifier that cannot be downloaded.

Thank you,
Brad Flood
Bible Brain Technical Lead


Thanks for the update. In the meantime, in order for me to build the SAB project I had to change the file source for stream only. SAB would not build the app if I had download or stream as an option. Therefore, the current build version I have for app is stream only. The app was able to build which was the critical piece for me. I would prefer download over streaming but many or most of the users are offline so we are bundling audio files as external folder via SD card distribution.

I did send help ticket already with my API and fileset identifier.

July 14 update: we met with our FCBH Agreements team and were able to apply permissions to allow for downloading on some of the content. In other cases, more investigation / coordination with the licensor is required. These will have be handled on a cases-by-case basis. It is straightforward if you are an SAB builder wanting to download your own organization’s content.

FYI, the issues relate to: 1) SAB10 uses the Biblebrain API (DBP4) which has stronger access controls than DBP2, and 2) builders using earlier versions of SAB often used MP3 Downloads - Faith Comes By Hearing to add FCBH audio to their apps, but this is not necessary with SAB10 (which was intended to be helpful and simpler, not more restrictive).


@Tyler_Hewitt we do not see any email from you. Could you please check that it was sent to


There is a new version out 10.0.1.

Ian, are you saying v10.0.1 was resolved this issue with Bible Brain? I heard the issue was not SAB but rather on the Bible Brain end.

There are no changes in SAB 10.0.1 related to BibleBrain.

BibleBrain has tighter access controls than the previous system to enforce the agreements that they have in place. If you are the content owner that has submitted content to be served by BibleBrain, then you need to contact them to let them know who can download the content. For example, I believe the SIL has informed FCBH that anyone having a key can stream and download content that SIL has provided.


It seems the support email address is down and/or not able to receive emails. I am trying to send authorization for download however I receive a bounce back email.

Error Icon
Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail. 

I know you are short handed at the moment, though we wanted to pass along the authorization from partnering organization to you. Is there another means to contact Bible Brain?

Hi Tyler,
yes, we are fixing the issue with the support email. If you have authorization for download, you can send it to, and I’ll forward it.

August 9 update: we have received permission from the following groups to allow general download access: SIL, Pioneer Bible Translators, Grace Ministries, Bible Society of PNG. This means that SAB should not have any issues with downloading.

We will update the production dataset tomorrow (Wednesday) evening (UTC-5). If you encounter problems after that update, please email (which works again :slight_smile: )