SAB 10.1.1. Mac - after closing and reopening SAB all my open projects are gone

So this doesn’t happen every time I close and reopen SAB… only some of the time. My project files aren’t gone for good, I just have to reopen them, but this has never before happened to me, until SAB 10.1.1

Another thing that happens alongside this, is that the interface colors also change. Normally, I work in SAB with a dark interface, but lately I have been preparing to do some teaching on SAB, so I have set the interface colors to default (Classic & Always Use Main Theme). When this reopening bug occurs and my open projects are cleared out, the interface colors are also back in dark mode. Not sure if somehow the bug could be related to this?

Unfortunately I’m not sure what action might be triggering this bug. I know that it isn’t easy to diagnose when there is nothing definitive to put your finger on. Has anyone else been experiencing a similar issue?

I’m running Mac OS 12.6 on a 2017 Macbook Pro

Are you projects in OneDrive or some other file syncing service? I have seen issues with OneDrive doing odd things.

I have all my projects stored on my computer and linked with Dropbox for automatic backups. So could that be the issue? It’s weird that it has never before occurred until now with SAB 10.1.1… and now it has happened at least 4 or 5 times.

@ChrisHubbard, I think I figured out what is going on…

Every time that I quite SAB and the popup box appears asking to “Save Changes?”, if I click “No”, the next time I open SAB, all of my projects will be gone and the SAB interface theme colors change.

@NeilZubot ,

If you are using SAB 10.1.1, there there will be log files written to ~/Library/Preferences/SIL/App Builder. There might be some clues to what is happening in those log files. You could zip them up and email them to me.



I was able to reproduce your issue. It is due to SAB trying to save the default folder for images and it having an invalid character in the path (specifically and ampersand &). If you remove the ampersand from the folder name, you can work around the issue. I will report this. I know that we have had to deal with this in the past and missed updating writing to the settings.xml file.

To fix your current settings.xml, you can edit it (~/Library/Preferences/SIL/App Builder/settings.xml) and clear the entry for <folder name="images">.


Thanks so much Chris!

This will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting and helping figure out what the real problem was.