SAB 11.0 Bible verse Image: Share & Download not working for me

Hi All,

So I ran a quick test build of my app once I upgraded to SAB 11.0 and installed it on my Android phone.

So say you want to share a Bible verse with a friend with an Image. You long-press on the Bible verse and the tap the bottom Image icon in the bottom left corner.

So when I tap on either the Share or Download icon nothing happens. But when I put the old app back on my Samsung S21 Android phone I have no problem Sharing or Downloading the Image with the selected Bible verse. (See attached screenshot.) You can see the Share and Download icons in the upper right corner.

Thank you, Dan, for alerting us to this problem. It was a permissions issue and has now been fixed. We will release a minor version as soon as we can so you can see this working again in your apps.