SAB 11.4.3 stopped building on Linux Mint 21.2/3


I’ve been using SAB successfully, but after the last update (11.4.3), it stopped building apps. I have three computers running Linux Mint 21.2/3 with SAB installed. When I updated to 11.4.3 on one of them, it stopped building. I checked the same project on the other two computers with SAB 11.4.2, and it worked fine. Then I updated to 11.4.3 on the second one to see whether the update was the cause, and it also stopped building. I have reported the issue to support, hoping it will be fixed soon. Until then, I will not update my last remaining 11.4.2 version.

I am writing this just to inform you.

We are looking at an issue that was introduced in 11.4.3

We have released 11.4.4 which should fix this issue. Please try and let me know (good or bad).


Seems it works for me now. Thanks.

I actually stopped by to inform you that the issue has been fixed on 11.4.4. Thank God you already know