SAB 4.5 / 4.6 Russian translations of Interface

Is there somebody out there who can supply me with the Russian translations for the SAB interface?

SAB 4.6 contains almost all of the translations for a Russian app interface. It looks like there are two or three translations missing.

Do you want Russian for the resulting app? That is what Richard is saying is there already. I’m not sure whether you can have SAB’s own menus, etc. in Russian or not.

First I must admit that I could not find how to make this Russian working I concluded that the translations are not there, but because Richard and you confirm that they are in SAB Iooked a bit more and got it working … BUT in my SAB there still lots of EMPTY fields maybe 50%, e.g. HOME, HIGHLIGHTS< BOOKMARKS, SUBMIT and many more are empty in my SAB. What is the case: is my SAB deficient and do you have all these terms apart from a few lacking as Richard kindly explains ? If yes, … would installing SAB 4.6 help fix this problem (I have not yet done that) or do you have a complete list in a SAB-string text maybe all for French and German?

Thank you for your advice. O, I see, I did not read Richards advice well enough … I understand now, all is n SAB 4.6 … ok . solved, I will install 4.6. That will do.
Thanks again both of you!

joop, hello

if you about interface of SAB (app for PC/Mac, not app for mobile) i did it (translation) for self usage: some words not translated or not translated correctly (link valid for one or two mouthes)
On my mac these files here: /Applications/Scripture App
Same In Russian:
Приветствую, я для личного использования переводил интерфейс себе.
Из минусов он слетает после обновления приложения, и возможно нельзя совсем явно подсовывать переводы в будущем, в целом не самым лучшим способом передаются переводы
Некоторые места я не знал, как перевести, и не переводил, до некоторых просто не дошел, некоторые просто отсутствовали в файле переводов (или я их не нашел), какие-то в интерфейсе и по английски записаны не очень хорошо и я их переводил, в то, что будет сутью.
Упаковал переводы, ссылка выше, ссылка будет рабочей около месяца.

Thank you very much. I downloaded the file and will see what we can still use.