SAB 4.5 MAC - imported styles - RTL issues

i am importing books - all RTL - in DOCX format (?) - at least that is the extension generated - but have several problems:

1 - is there a way to delete all imported styles in SAB after I have deleted the books that occasion those styles, so that I can start anew and see what happens with imported styles when I add a new book of the font of back matter?

2 - character styles in my Mac Office MS word are defined in point sizes. These point sizes do not come through in SAB where they need to be defined in a percentage …this is doable, but at the same time a bit frustrating … is there a way to overcome this or will this be solved in the next release of SAB maybe?

3 - the problem is actually deeper because on Mac we started in NISUS … is anyone of you working in Nisus, and if so, do you have experience with adding DOCX files exported from NISUS to SAB Main Collection? It seems you can hardly trust defined styles in NISUS ?!!

  1. we have defined the direction of the books as RTL from the main collection menu tabs. However when we import in new DOCX file into this collection, it changes the RTL to LTR even though we had saved the RTL settings more then once. … Should that be this way? (note it is a DOCX file generated from NISUS!)


While SAB does support DOCX import for some basic things like picture books that just have one image and one lot of text on each page.

If you are doing front and back matter then either do it in USFM or in HTML.

Word in Windows can export “Web Page, filtered” that goes into SAB well. Can you get HTML from Nisus?


… okay … HTML from NISUS - yes that works very well, much better then DOCX.
Apparently I should have understood that before … never mind … I am very happy wth this advice and its effectiveness. This may speed things up very much.

You say: Use classes don’t hard format.
I do not understand this … does not this remark apply to programming in plain HTML, which we don’t because we use NISUS?

ONE THING: the images do not appear with HTML but they do in DOCX.
Do I need to import them separately into SAB and put them in a certain folder?

I have found the solution to insert the links for the images sort of manually into the code and imported those images in SAB and that works.

I am glad you found a solution.

I assume you removed the path to the files and just left the file name?