SAB 4.5 MAC - Resizing bar and functionality problem

we have additional books in HTML which we import into the MAIN COLLECTION … it works now for the greater part, but the resizing function on smartphones either by using the fingers on the screen or by using the resizing bar that SAB provide, does not work (we are working with RTL language but also with LTR)

This function also does not work in the Simulator!

Is there a solution?

I have reported this on the site

I hope this helpful

I bring this point again under your attention despite having discussed it before …
We have more then 1000 pages valuable commentary text in the approx. 70 additional books of the bible app, but they are in HTML format which we have been able with some advice of Ian to look very nice and orderly in the APP.
The only restriction is that users cannot resize the text nor up nor down. Text is readable for those who have good eyes and perseverance.
This is a real challenge for the developers as I understand, because for some reason this is a hard thing to do … But because of the importance of the issue and the relative simple layout of commentary text (although there are some tables in some books) is not there a David among you?

I tested HTML for iOS on a iphone and on the simulator for SAB 4.7 and both worked fine. Of course you can’t test pinch zoom on the simulator as the screens are not touch screens.

What issue are you having? Are all styles in your app set as percentages except for the body font-size?

Are you on the App Builder notification list?

I do use SAB 4.7 MAC but do not yet produce IPA but only APK at the moment.
When done with APK I hope to do IPA too. Just that you understand a bit of how I am working.
I can zoom on the Simulator in the Bible Books when using a combination of muse and a certain key (I forgot which)
But I think you pointed to the key of the problem: the fonts are not defined in percentages, so I have to figure out how to get that done for these files, but if this would work, that would be excellent. I will let you know.

As for the APP Builder notification list … is that the announcement of new versions (which receive) or something else (what I do not receive)?

Thank you for your advice.

I have not tested about the font-size not changing if the size is specified specifically. But the styles in SAB are all percentages except for the body font-size.

Using the SFM export would get around this problem but you loose the colors on characters.

New version list. So you are on it. I was not sure as this heading has 4.5 ( I did not notice your newer posts have 4.7 so you are uptodate.)

I just did a test and made a HTML file in px and an other in %.
The % works fine on the Simulator (use pressed-down-OPTION and the Mouse pointer and you will see two circles on the Simulator and move them closer or more distant from each other.

Yes, going to SFM would remove the colours, but also information on aligning and justification I think.

Therefore my question is, do I need to change all px definitions into % in the HTM … also for margins, text-indents, line-height etc. … quite a lot of work …or is there a sort of key how to tackle this .

sorry for the wrong version number

I think the topic started when 4.5 was out so no problem. I was just making sure you knew about the new version list.

Given your originals are in DOCX and the USFM conversion is losing information you want to keep, I’d tend to write a script to fix the HTML so it is in percentages. I’d just concentrate on changing the font-size to % but not worry about the other sizes. See how that goes. Then adjust other things if needed.
A text-indent could have % but it is in relation to the body width not the font-size. line-height would be in relation the font-size.

The only alternative is to rework the HTML so that it all has consistent classes and write a good CSS to go with it.

I did a test with Titus with sizes of the fonts in percentages and it seems to work excellently, also the resizing bar works properly. So I will continue on that and thank you for your assistance on this.

Always good to hear the feedback that it is working. :grinning: