SAB 4.7 MAC - Problem in Search in Additional books

When we use the nice SEARCH option in our SAB generated App, it turns out that it also searches in all the additional books beyond the bible books, e.g. commentaries. In itself this is very nice, but because it shows the whole verse AND because it regards a WHOLE additional book as ONE verse, when displaying the result list, e.g. a whole additional book of e.g. 40 pages is displayed as one verse. This is of course not desirable.
So please, either limit the search to the Bible books (or give the user the option to do that), or build some feature that only shows some surrounding text e.g. 10 words at the one side and 10 words at the right side of the word in the additional books … or both because the option to choose would be very nice, but then still display should not be of the whole additional book …

I’ll change this to a feature request for others to vote on.

You make a good point.