SAB 4.7 Mac - Small Menu problem in RTL script

we have a RTL App. Thank you for the help to get it out.

In the Menu next to Show verse selector and Keep Screen On, there is a square box that the user can check. In our RTL version this square box is on the right side, but in RTL it should be on the left side, Please correct this in the next version.

Is this in Android or iOS or both?

Can you supply a screenshot?

it is on Android, but it might be on iOS as well, but we have not been able so far to generate a IPA because of reported problems with Certificates etc.
But we have a screenshot which show the problem … the AR characters are more or less scrambled on my Samsung SM-J600FN/DS but they are in the right RTL direction. On other devices they are not scrambled

Thanks … this has been fixed in SAB 5.0

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