SAB 4.7 MAC STYLES documentation

In general I miss an explanation of all the styles that I see when I open the STYLES option below COLORS. How can I know to what exactly they refer to? Is there any documentation about this?
Today I wanted to influence the font of the SETTINGS menu that drops down when you click in to corner (left in case of LTR) and right (In case of RTL interface). Where can I change that font?
I often feel like groping around there!
Can somebody help? Especially for the font of the SETTINGS (where you have the Language choice, the history etc.)

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I don’t know the answer for iOS but assume it may be similar to the Android situation following.
The SETTINGS menu on Android is currently not settable from the Styles as it is set by the OS. Over time more of the built in components of Android have had to be replaced with more tweakable components. The settings menu will be changed so you can change this text too. It depends on how complex this is weather it will be in the next release or not. A Crosswalk component will also have to be built for this part so the complex scripts can be better handled here.

The styles in general are a fusion of HTML, Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS), Unified Standard Format Markers (USFM) and SAB defined parts.
Everything that is in Text Styles, Styles column starts with the element selector. That is the HTML element that is wrapping around that type of data. i.e. body, div, span, etc.

After the period comes the class name part of the selector. Many of these are straight from USFM. i.e. under Numbers we have div.c. The div tells us this is a HTML block level element that wraps the chapter number. span.v The span is a character level element that wraps the verse number.

So if you look up USFM documentation, you can recognise which Styles come from USFM.

Then there are the classes that come from SAB. For example Under Footnotes, there is body.footnote. body is a top level element that contains in this case the popup footnote. It has a more specific context than just the \f marker. It is in this area that we could do with more documentation, however the Description columns does give some indication of usage.

The UI Styles is a little bit different in that ui is not an HTML element. ui refers to user interface.
Here we have all SAB defined classes. Some of these have two classes attached, like ui.button.chapter-number that has the class button and the class chapter-number.

Imported Styles tab has non USFM markup or HTML defined styles. If your HTML is not defined by classes then don’t expect to be able to manipulate it here.

Custom Styles is where you can add extra styles.

The Declarations column is pure CSS. The Edit Style dialog that pops up when you double click on a style allows you to edit the CSS via the default Styles Properties GUI or via CSS. If you want to add a new property you can do it in the CSS and after saving and exiting and coming back in the property will be in the GUI interface too.