SAB 5.0 Mac Cross. Ref. Jh.1:1 and 1 Jh. 1:1

we have 1 Jh. 1:1 and we have Jh. 1:1.
We do not use Paratext, but we have been able to make all cross-references working except for this combination. Only one of them will work.
Can somebody show us the code of 2 samples of 1 cross-ref of the Gospel and 1 of the Epistle how their formatting is? I assume it is not necessary to attach 1to Jh and write 1Jh. because we also have 1 Sm. and 2 Sm. and they work fine.
If we can see a sample of the code of both, we think it would be helpful. Thank you!

Yes this is still an issue where the two letter abbreviation for John (Jh) is a subset of the abbreviation of 1-3 John (1 Jh, 2Jh, 3 Jh). If you were to change your Gospel of John from Jh to Jhn then the problem would go away. Russian also has the same issue, but the abbreviations in that case are set by traditional expectation so not changeable.

The traditional English codes for these are JHN and 1JN. Then neither is a subset of the other.

Ok, then. We have changed 1 Jh. into 1 Jhn. and this works of course. Thank you!

I hope that this is fixed in SAB 5.1. Please can you take a look? Thanks.

I tried on one place and used 1 Jh. 3:12 but unfortunately it does not work. Does somebody else have better results?

After all I had time to do a more serious test and it works. Thank you!

Thanks for the confirmation feed back.