SAB 5.1 - styles titles headings

Below some code of the book Ruth:
\id RUT
\h Rut
\toc1 Rut
\toc2 Rut
\toc3 Rut
\mt1 Rut
\c 1
\s1 Əlimǝlǝk

I tried to influence style and color of mt1 and of s1 through the STYLES tab. But whatever I tried it does not change the appearance …? What style do I need to change inside the STYLES TAB to get things moving?

Under Headings. should also cover \mt1
and div.s should handle \s1

But if it doesn’t then add a custom style:
div.mt1 and style it there.

Same for \s1.

thank you Ian … I think it works … but I have the idea that the very large paragraph titles that are in this project sort of hinder the APP to display in good proportions. I have the impression that when titles are not that big, it works better so that a difference like between 80% and 70% text looks normal and not like 100% and 60% what sometime happens with very big par titles.
But we let this for the moment. We can manage. Thank you.