SAB 5.1 too long book titles do not display in the top bar on the app

When titles are too long ---- and this happens regularly — , SAB puts the abbreviation on the top bar of the App, instead of the full title because it does not fit … that is a way …

An other way would be that SAB after recognizing the problem, cuts off the string of characters 3 characters before the maximum number and then puts there 3 dots and then shows this cut-off string plus the 3 dots together on the top bar, so the user can see the beginning of the book name and knows there is more …
Is this possible to do in SAB.
It takes me always more time then I would like, to have to do this process manually every time we start with a version and a new set of SFM and HTML files (we do not work in Paratext) … we have this type of updates in various scripts and various languages very regularly … and it would be nice if this could be solved this way … if not for the bible books, then certainly for the additional books (some 66 also) which are imported as HTML.

I will change this to a feature request.

Long book names are very problematic.