SAB 5.2 MAC audio

Under the AUDIO under the FILE SOURCE TAB I have chosen to let the APP download files from the internet and I have defined the website and the audio folder and have put all mp3 and timing files into that folder.
However it appears that the Android APP can not find the audio files for Matthew and Mark that are on that location. I mean I do not see any audio bar or ‘loudspeaker symbol’ … What can be the cause of this?

Did you add the audio files and the timing files to the Audio Files tab? Timing files do not go on the Internet, only the MP3 files.

SAB does not include the files but they must be added to the Audio Files and associated with the correct books or they won’t work.

Do I need to add both audio files (mp3) and the timing files to SAB in this case? I would expect just the timing files (which I will add now)!

I added the timing files, but it still does not work?

Both mp3 files on the web and timing files in SAB have this structure:
XXX_MAT_01.mp3 and XXX_MAT_01.txt

Yes they both need to be added into the SAB project Audio Files so that SAB knows the names of the files to pull from the internet and which Audio file for which chapter and which timing file. Also If you want to do synchronized highlighting with the audio, that information is needed for that too.

The Audio files are not stored in the app, but it needs the information. It does guess which book and chapter to associate each file with when you add them. But you can change that if needed. But once in the project it does not make any further guesses as to what should go where. Though with your naming it is very predictable, not everyone’s naming is that consistent.

Because your naming is consistent you can add them all at once in the Audio > Audio Files tab section or through the Books > Collection Name > Audio Files tab. Some people need to add them book by book in the Books > Collection Name > Book name > Audio Files tab.

Thank you! I understand now.