SAB 5.2 MAC is loosing its definition files regularly

I am not sure if this issue has been fixed in 5.3 (I think I did not receive the usual e-mail notification about this new release and only discovered it here on the list of topics), but I have to reload all my def files regularly because after launching SAB I find all projects are gone. Or is the cause of this something else?

No there was no email with that 5.3 release. Something should be coming in the next 2 weeks.

On a Mac it is the settings.xml file that is in /users/username/Library/Preferences/SIL/App Builder.
If you are removing that file by some cleanup utility, that would cause the loss of the projects from SAB.

I am not aware of a removal of the settings.xml file that you mention.
It can happen that I exit SAB and restart it a few minutes later (let us say after a short break) and it won’t show the projects any more.
But I will have a closer look now at what is happening with this new info in my ‘head’. I thought it might be caused by too many projects loaded in SAB …

How many? In my Windows SAB I have ~80. But on the Mac I only have about 10.

While you are on a Mac the application is Java based so is essentially the same as the Windows one. So I am thinking the problem is outside of SAB. I’ll up my project count to test.

Keeping track of that settings file should help show something.

On my Mac I have 12 but on Windows I have none. Ok, I will keep track of the settings.xml file