SAB 5.3 and 5.5 - Export Audio to HTML produces a file with no audio

In both SAB 5.3 and 5.5 the Export to HTML for audio is not working for me. It produces an HTML file but the length of the audio is -00:00. I get the same results if I try to View in Browser under the books section and on the Audio Files. For SAB 5.5 if I try to view in the viewer it does not display anything. In SAB 5.3 displaying in the viewer works fine.

If I look on the machine at the location of the HTML files they are only 5kb in size and if I open them directly they only include the illustration and not the audio.

I am on a new 2018 MAC Book Pro running the latest version of Mohave v10.14.5 with a 2.7 GHz i7 processor. It has 16GB of memory.

The audio files are present and work fine in the build of the application and play fine on a device the app is deployed to.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

I am struggling to find the details, but some people were having to export HTML twice. Can you try exporting twice to see if that fixes it?

Tried the exporting twice and still no difference.

Can you make your project available and your audio. Can you personal message me, assuming you don’t want to share it with the world, with the link. I can only look in the next 2 hours as I am travelling tomorrow and having the rest of the week off.

Wasn’t sure how to private message you so went ahead and put a link on the page.

I was able to test on a Mac. I also updated to SAB 5.6.

When I exported the HTML, Safari would not play the audio, however Chrome would play the audio. Chrome also displayed the length.

I will put in a bug on the fact that Safari would not play the audio from the HTML version.

Safari will not play the file that is stored as an absolute location, however if it is a relative link then Safari works.

Thanks. Just for clarity can you tell me where the exported html can be found? I don’t want to make any assumptions. I’ll see if the chrome thing does the same on my system.

The path to the files is in the URL bar of Safari. But it is written as a URL not a file path.


is the path:

/Users/yourusername/App Builder/Scripture Apps/HTML Output/org.n?????.???.???

I also changed the Export to HTML settings . . . from the default to Use the following path to the files and added audio. I re-exported the HTML then found where the output folder was and added a folder in that folder called audio. I then added all the audio files to that folder and Safari was happy.

I remembered this issue and thought I would look into it for the next release. I tried this on macOS 10.14.5, Safari 12.1.1. SAB 5.6. I was not able to reproduce this issue. The url in the bar in safari was:


and the url in the file for the audio was:

<source id="audio1" src="file:///Users/hubbard/Documents/Scripture Data/WEB/English_World_English_Bible_NT_Drama/B01___01_Matthew_____ENGWEBN2DA.mp3">

Maybe this was fixed in 5.6? I don’t see anything in the release notes for SAB 5.6.

@Rusty_Riggs Is this still a problem for you in SAB 5.6?

@mcquayi @Rusty_Riggs, any update on this?

I am at our regional conference and did not bring the MAC with me. I’ll check after I return. After August 15th.

@Rusty_Riggs Could you check to see if you have any problems with SAB 6.0?

Hey Chris,

I have been mostly out for the last month and just returned from conference. This means I have a huge backlog of things currently. An added problem for me being able to test this is we have done some reconfiguration of the app so I do not have the same environment as I did when the issue originally occurred. We have changed several settings in the app as well as made Chrome the default browser as a work around to the issue reported. I am in the middle of publishing the app (well, I will be when I am able to get back on it again) and would not want to reconfigure it in the middle of the process as well as have some reluctance of upgrading to 6.0 at the same time.

I know you really need the feedback and I am trying to get to the point I can make it a priority but that isn’t likely to happen real soon. I promise to get to it as soon as I can get it to the top of a priority list which is rather large at this moment.

With my utmost respect and humble regret to be in this situation at the moment and not available to get to this as quickly as you or I would like. I greatly appreciate the attentiveness you have shown to working on and helping with “my issue” and would really like to be in a spot where I could reciprocate in a like manner.



I found a little window of opportunity and was able to download SAB 6.0 and set Safari back as the default browser. The issue still exists. If I select View in Browser, it opens the file and displays the image but the audio file shows to be 0.00 in length and will not play.


Some added information for you. XTools had a new update so I installed it but it made no difference. Also, if I take the URL that opens in Chrome and paste it into Safari it will not play in Safari and still shows 0.00 in length.

Safari is version 12.1.1 (14607.
MACOS is Mojave version 10.14.5
SAB is version 6.0

Hope this helps in some way.

Did we get a copy of your project (and a few audio files) already? I have tried this on the project that I have and I haven’t had this issue.