SAB 5.3 MAC cross-references

Cross-references work wonderfully even complicated ones, but here is a problem.

In screenshot2 everything works fine, but in screenshot1 verse 5, 8 and of chapter 2 do not work, although the chapter number seems to be recognised …
The structure of Rom.: 3:10, 11, 12 in the screenshot2 is the same as that of Hd. 2:5, 8 in screenshot1. So I would expect that SAB would deal with it, but it does not …
Is there an explanation or can this be solved …

Hd. 1:12, 13-2:5, 8
should be
Hd. 1:12, 13; 2:5, 8

It is a syntax error.

I had not thought of that, but you are right!

BUT I HAVE AN ADDITIONAL QUESTION because the problem is easy to see on the screenshots. The commas and semi-colons between the cross-references are too large in comparison with the cross-references themselves. I tried to pull on the STYLES in the cross-reference section but no change. What can I do??

It looks like your styling for a:link font-size is made to be smaller than the regular text size.

Your guess is correct, but I did not know that a:link also defines the char. size of the cross-references; I thought only of the footnote and cross reference symbol in the text (in this case the 2 blocks at the end of the verse).
Is not it complicating things when a:link style governs font sizes in 2 different sections of the text: (1) the body and (b) the foortnote?

Yes that is a bit unfortunate.

You can create Custom Styles so you could add things like:
div.footnote a:link
div.r a:link

Apply a different style to each.
This is untested.

Thank you for the advice. I will try this out oen of these days and let you know.