SAB 5.5 released

Scripture App Builder 5.5

Release date: 14 June 2019

New Features and Improvements:

  • App Builder Interface in Russian

  • All of the Scripture App Builder interface has been translated into Russian. This is in addition to English, French and Spanish that are already supported. Many more languages are available in the app itself.

  • 64-bit libraries

  • From July 2019, Google requires all apps submitted to Google Play to have 64-bit versions of native libraries. These have now been added for Crosswalk and Grandroid.

  • Amazon Corretto 8 for JDK

  • Since Oracle has changed its licensing agreement for the use of their JDK, we recommend you use Amazon Corretto 8 instead. Amazon Corretto is a no-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK).

  • Installation instructions can be found in the documentation.

  • Keyman keyboards can now be used when adding and editing notes.

  • View Project Folder

  • Show the current app project folder by right-clicking on the app name ín the and selecting ‘View Project Folder’, or File > View Project Folder on the main menu.

  • Updated Gradle compiler to the latest version 5.4.1.

Bugs Fixed:

In the Android app:

  • If you included multiple Keyman keyboards, e.g. for searching in different book collections, the app would crash on startup.

  • Audio file and timing information for introduction chapters was not being saved for the app.

In the iOS app:

  • Apply fonts to search bar text and special characters buttons

  • Remove chapter selector from task bar when in Glossary or Songbook

  • Support going to First Chapter specified in app Features/Navigation tab

  • Handle problem with navigation in books where scattered chapters are present

  • Fix font issue on initial start up when First Chapter has been specified

In the app builder:

  • In the Publishing page, the Google Play Title length has been increased from 30 to 50 characters.

  • In the list of images, the thumbnail is now updated correctly if replacing a file with the same name that is only different by case (e.g. replacing wraB1.png with wrab1.png).

  • Publishing files to Scriptoria now handles files as case insensitive.

  • When publishing to Scriptoria, the login times out after 24 hours. This is now handled and the login button is enabled again.

  • When publishing to Scriptoria, use the new authentication account ( instead of

  • If an image file contained an ampersand character, it was not saved correctly in the app definition file.

  • The Select Images dialog should show .jpeg files as well as .jpg.

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have the dealings of SAB with cross-references in ARA also been corrected? Remember our earlier correspondence about this?