SAB 5.6 crashes

I’ve upgraded to SAB 5.6 and rebuilt the app. (Firebase Crashlytics enabled, Youtube Videos embedded). Many users complained that the app crashes after they update. It gets to the end of the splash screen then just disappears. I tried it on my phone and it was same. But when you uninstall the app, and install it again - it works fine. Any ideas why?

Can you send me a link to the app so I can test it?

I tried 4 devices:
Huawei Android 4.4.4 no crash
Asus Android 6.0.1 no crash
Huawei Android 8.1.0 no crash
Oppo A7 Android 8.1.0 no crash

So it worked fine for me.

If we can’t reproduce the error it is almost impossible to fix.

Hello Ian, I have emailed you the logs.

Also I assume that all your 4 devices are new devices (downloading the app for first time).
This issue occurs for existing users who update the app. When they uninstall and reinstall the app, it works fine for them. But that is not an option for several who have notes etc. saved in app, they will lose their notes, bookmarks etc. if they uninstall their app.

I can push an update of the same app with same settings with a different version number so that you can try updating the app on your devices.

Sorry I missed that distinction.

So are they updating from the Play store or from a local APK?

From Google Play Store. The APKs were never shared for this app for offline distribution.

Okay I am writing this up on the bug list.

Can I get a version 5.5 APK and then a 5.6 APK to test if we can get the same crash result without Play Store?

Seems like we need a way to backup and restore notes to give a degree of safety to users.

I will share the APK files with you in a Dropbox.

I think the backup and restore notes feature can be implemented with Firebase Real time Database.

Installing the apps APK one after each other does not produce the crash on my phone.

Not sure how we can set this up for testing if we have to use Play Store as the source. Maybe the Logs will show the issue.

Hi Guys,
I got similar crash reports from our users. And it is only crashing on certain devices. On my phone the app (Hindi Bible: doesnt crahs. But crashes on Joshy’s phone.
Interesting this is that, it only crahses on Joshy’s phone when he updates his app from apk version 21 to 22.
If uninstall apk v21 and install apk v22 directly, it doesn’t crash. I built v22 with SAB v5.6.
I am not sure, but I think I built v21 with an earlier version of SAB (most likely v5.5)

I only have Firebase Analytics and YouTube video links enabled in the app (apk v22).

The app doesn’t crash on my Vivo Y17 (running Android Pie)


We have found a possible source of the crash and will make sure it is fixed very soon.