SAB 6.0 MAC - general question about mp3 bookchapter

Is it possible to listen to the audio of a chapter without having any marking on any text, but just for listening while you see the chapter on your screen?
I think in many cases this would be helpful enough, because either you read or you listen … (yes, I know 2 channels - audio and reading - make a stronger impact on memory, but I doubt that this is the case when both are taken simultaneously, except for certain situations it may make a greater impact) … anyway I would like to know if this is technically possible and how?

Hi Joop,

I’m not a power user like many here are but if I understand the question correctly, I have done this by simply including the audio without the timing files. Kalaam has a few apps where the text is difficult to match to the audio so we don’t highlight it as it’s played. Hope that helps.

D Nev

Thank you! I will try this and if you do not hear from me anymore in this thread, your advice has helped me out!

Yes, that is correct. You can have the audio without the highlighting if you don’t include a timing file.