SAB 6.1 RTL Cross-references booknames

In SAB 6.1 the order of the numbers of chapters and verses has been corrected and for the numbers it seems to display and work fine as far as I was able to check. Thanks for this improvement.

But we still have a problem with the booknames which are not recognized. We think we may have some mistake in our code but we cannot trace what is wrong. Therefore we add an image to show how Gen. 1:1 looks like with cros-references. Is there somebody who has also RTL cross-references in his APP and does not have this problem, and who can show us some code of the working RTL cross-references? Thanks!


Sorry this is not working right! Let’s see if we can get it going in the right direction.

Let me see if I understand the problem correctly - if I’m reading you right the problem is that the cross references aren’t picking up the book names and so then not linking correctly - is that right? Or is there a separate problem with the book names not showing up correctly in the contents menu, or maybe in the text itself?

Joop I’m looking at this but I think it would be easier if I had the sfm file - would you send me that when you get a chance?

Just as a first thought, check out the book name in the books’ screens. If it is an abbreviation in your xref make sure that abbreviation exactly is in the Abbreviation box - you can also add more types of abbreviations by clicking on the More… button next to the book name. In some ways I doubt that’s it, but just wanted to throw it out there.

To get it working properly, we had to remove the dot/fullstop after the book abbreviation in 4 script editions of our APP, RTL and LTR.
In 2 other APP for other language groups, this was not necessary, the wrok with the dot after the abbreviation in SAB in the abbreviation field.
For this difference we cannot find any explanation, but we are happy with this solution, because without the dot/full stop in the abbrevation field they work now properly. Thanks for your help.