SAB 6.2.2. Mac abbreviation Joh. and 1 Joh. in RTL

In our RTL APP 1Joh. , 2Joh. and 3Joh. work fine but Joh. does not work.
I thought that both should work and were made working in the course of the time, without the necessity of making any difference like 1Jh. 2Jh 3Jh and Joh.
I looked at the hidden codes, but there were not superfluous characters.

Please advise!

Hi Joop - is this for cross-references? If so let me know which source reference you are working on or having trouble with. Or if not xref then what you are seeing there.

Hello Corey
it is about the book abbreviations in SAB and which are used in the cross-references. Cross-references work fine apart from SAB not dealing correctly with the AR comma (but this being worked on hopefully after you reported this).
My remark is only only about the book abbreviations mentioned before. For some reason Joh. is not recognized. I did check the hidden markers !
Maybe you can give a straight answer to this: is SAB expected to deal with English 1Jn. 2 Jn. 3Jn and Jn. without any problems or should the gospel have a different abbreviation then the epistles?

I still have a copy of your project here - in the abbreviations box for John I see a period on your Arabic script abbreviation, I remember we discovered that the period in abbreviations was a problem, so maybe try taking that period out just as an experiment.

From what I can see in SAB the default English abbreviations are JHN for John and then 1JN, 2JN, 3JN. Maybe try JHN where JN isn’t working and see if that changes anything.

I removed all periods in the abbreviations fields …
1JN and JHN are as far as I can see not the default book abbreviations but the standardBook Id’s in SAB.
In Dutch I have Jh. and 1 Jh. , 2 Jh. and 3 Jh. and that works fine …
Anyway, as there is no straightforward answer, it is not a problem to try to change John as you suggest. I will let you know over the weekend.

Well I changed the abbreviation of John from:


Put this in Unikey and you see the difference.
Thank you for looking at this!

OK I see the tatweel there between y and u - so that works then? Was that what was being used in the cross-references?

I changed the cross-references to be like this pattern only for the gospel, not for the epistles, so they are now more distinct. IN SAB I also put the abbreviation with the tatweel in the abbreviation field and now it works.
If I had taken out the DAMMA from able the WAW then it would have been the sound of O instead of U. Therefore I followed this way, which does not give this confusion.